A fundraiser for Rush Limbaugh

It's true, we here at I.M.O.W. have actually found a charitable cause benefiting Rush Limbaugh that we can stand behind.

In response to the conservative radio host's claims that he would move to Costa Rica if health care reform passed in America, two "dudes living in Brooklyn," unaffiliated with any non-profit organization, have decided to begin raising funds so that the shock jock can do just that.

If Limbaugh refuses the first class plane ticket, all proceeds will go directly to Planned Parenthood, according to the site. Irony alert: Rush Limbaugh's proposal is to leave the country in order to protest expanded health care coverage for America by moving to a country that provides its citizens with universal health care.

Does the on-air personality do much research before making evocative announcements to the world? Our guess is no.