Clare Winterton is currently attending the Beijing +15 conference in New York (lucky lady!). She sent us a quick recap of three moments of inspiration from the New York Commission on the Status of Women Global NGO Forum (the warm up to Beijing +15), which she attended over the weekend:
  1. Cai Yipping from China, the Executive Director of Isis International: “We must speak the language of women and transform it into policy. To be good communicators we must listen with passion, for the history of the women’s movement continues to be written here in this forum.”
  2. Dr Sima Samar’s rallying cry: “We have to break boundaries, we have to be united. We have to know we are part of a global female body…We are here to make a better space for our daughters and our grand-daughters and our job is not yet finished!”
  3. Gertrude Mongella (President of the Pan-African Parliament) on the coming-of-age of the Beijing treaty: “At 15 years we are at a different stage of life – old enough to bear children and old enough to prepare for majority. Now we need to ask, how mature has the world become?”
Stay tuned for more from Clare and Beijing +15!