Women's Work: Art Around the World

Tagreed Al-Bashi

This week, we've read some great stories about women artists and exhibitions featuring women that are going on around the world.

  • Tagreed Al-Bashi is an amazing young Arab artist who creates beautiful portraits, mostly of women. Her work recalls early modern art. [Tagreed Al-Bagshi: Portraits of a Woman's Inner Life, ArabNews.com]
  • An exhibition at the National Art Museum in China called "Women's Rooms" features women Finnish painters. The exhibition commemorates 60 years of diplomatic ties between China and Finland. [Finnish Women Offer Unique Perspectives, CCTV.com]
  • The Sombat Permpoon Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand is featuring an exhibition of artwork created by mothers in several mediums, including painting and sculpture. [Art from the Hands of Mothers, BangkokPost.com]