"I’m hopeful about Haiti because by just four weeks after the quake, there were already women setting up tables, showing support to each other, offering help. That resilience, that re-emerging of women as caregivers for the sick and elderly, as people who draw communities together—the women’s movement for Haiti is still there. If we can find ways to help the Haitian women rebuild their movement, the movement will be a tremendous power for change." --Liesl Gerntholtz

Last week, I.M.O.W. partnered with Human Rights Watch for a speaker event featuring Liesl Gerntholtz, director of the Women's Rights Division of Human Rights Watch. Liesl spoke mostly about her recent experiences during an emergency trip to Haiti, right after the quake. She spoke of selective media coverage, the specific challenges and dangers to women during the recovery, and why she's hopeful about Haiti's future. It was an inspiring, illuminating discussion. Thank you to Liesl and the rest of the Human Rights Watch team!