MAKE CHANGE: Recellular

Image via Flickr user Billie Hara
Surely most of us have been there: bringing our cellphones--cracked, scratched, held together by rubber bands but still functioning!--into our mobile phone stores and finally requesting an upgrade. But then what to do with those discarded old gadgets? Give them back to the retailer?

How about something a little more innovative, and with a bigger benefit to women?

Next time you find yourself with an extra cell phone, send it to the Women's Funding Network's Recellular program. Some of the phones will be refurbished and resold, with the  proceeds benefiting women's organizations; others will be programmed to dial 911 and donated to domestic abuse survivors, the elderly, and others at risk for use in emergencies. You'll be doing a double good deed: Recycling AND benefiting women!

Learn more about recycling your cell phone, or send in your old cell phones today!