MAKE CHANGE: Support World AIDS Day

Today, December 1, marks World AIDS Day. Therefore, advocates, health professionals, world leaders, and individuals are asked to take action by acknowledging the incredible challenges still surrounding HIV/AIDS. The Global Fund shares this year's theme is the Light to Rights. Accordingly, "public buildings and landmarks will be flooded with lights to signal the commitment of people to universal access to life-saving treatment and respect for the human rights of people affected by HIV and AIDS."

The Global AIDS Alliance (GAA) cited in a press release today, "With over 7,300 new HIV infections and nearly 5,500 AIDS deaths each day, we must continue to hold U.S., global, and implementing country decision-makers accountable for scaling up a comprehensive response to this deadly pandemic, and ensuring the basic human rights of all people affected by HIV/AIDS."

Like the GAA, AIDS-Free World also recognizes how closely linked HIV/AIDS is to issues of social justice, like poverty, gender equity, and discrimination. Throughout all of November the ad shown here was projected by AIDS-Free World in New York City's Time Square on a 520-square-foot video billboard space displaying an advocacy message: AIDS discriminates because we discriminate.

(RED) a campaign powered by consumption to provide financial force for those in need works with brands from Apple to Nike. (RED)'s World AIDS Day page cites that, "half a million babies were born with HIV last year." Since 2006, Red has raised $150 million to support the Global Fund. Today, you can add to the support by reading the UNAIDS 2010 report here, learning more about World AIDS Day at the World AIDS Campaign, or by attending an event.