Senegal's Revolutionary Rap Diva - Sister Fa

Image Credit: Cinemapolitica
Senegal's array of talented rap artists is one of the reasons the country has been name the global hip-hop mecca.

Rap artists have been at the forefront of the country's African Spring by using their lyrical genius to transform the hearts of minds of the youth to take the streets and demand an end to corruption, poverty, rising unemployment, and the abuse of women.

One rapper who is really making a dent in the scene is none other than, Sister Fa.

Fa's lyrical style interweaves images from her everyday life, including issues of HIV/AIDS, female genital mutilation, women's rights in Senegal, and poverty.

Here's a snippet from the Guardian of Sister Fa's view on the continued ritual of female genital mutilation (FGM):

I am an artist, a rapper and an activist, and because [FGM] affected my life so much, I want to talk about it. I still remember the day when it happened. I also know that things are changing and that when people understand they have a choice, they are able to change. There is hope for the future. I am just trying to speak for the many women who don't have an opportunity to raise their own voices. I am giving them a voice through my music.

This is a critical but neglected issue that deserves global attention. The extremely painful and often disabling consequences of female genital cutting are not only damaging to individual girls and women, but also affect their families and livelihoods. The UK is working in countries such as Kenya, Somalia and Senegal to help communities end this practice, and is looking at how we might do more to support its complete abandonment.

In terms of accolades, Sister Fa was named Best Newcomer of the Year at the Senegalese Hip-Hop awards.

It's with pleasure to introduce Sister Fa. Enjoy these two videos!