Join Our Petition to Make Women’s Health a Priority

Join IMOW and our partner organization Every Mother Counts in their "Every Heart Counts" campaign for February! We’re focused on putting women at the heart of US policy-making. With a record number of women holding seats in the Senate and House of Representatives, the 113th Congress will have a historic opportunity to steer the future for women, girls and mothers all over the world. That’s why we’ve drafted the letter below and why we’re asking you to sign your name on the dotted line (so to speak, a Like and a Share on our Facebook page will do the trick too). Later this month, we will deliver this petition to our female Senators and Representatives on the Hill to let them know, we support them and we’re expecting them to do great things, namely, to help us make preventable deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth a tragedy of the past. Sign on and help us present a petition loaded with names of people like you who want Congress to keep women at the heart of the political process. Sign the petition now!