CLIO TALKS BACK: Congratulations to the 16th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women!

Berks Conference Website

Later this week in Toronto, Canada, Clio will join many other historians of women at the Sixteenth Berkshire Conference on the History of Women. The first Berkshire Conference took place at Douglas College, Rutgers University in 1973. The Toronto conference, the 16th of its kind, celebrates the fortieth anniversary of the “Big Berks,” which was held at Harvard University in 1974 (Yes, Clio was there, with a small baby girl in tow). Women’s history is going strong!

Thousands of historians of women and gender from all over the world will congregate at the University of Toronto on Thursday, May 22, and meet through Sunday, May 25. They will deliver papers on their current research and talk about their upcoming projects. There seems to be no end to what we can discover and have discovered about women’s past, collectively or in the singular. Women’s historians have so many stories to tell, have unearthed so much evidence that was considered non-existent or lost, have published so many books and articles and documents about women over these forty-plus years. How many of you have read even a small portion of their work? How many of you have some idea of the history of women of your own countries, not to mention that of others?

Get acquainted with the current work and the scholar-historians who are responsible for getting these stories of women past into our hands. Visit the Berkshire Conference website and check out the online program to see who’s doing what, and learn about the wonderful findings, books, films, and other women’s history activities.

Better yet, come to Toronto if you can. The Big Berks takes place only every three years. It is a grand occasion and a “feel good” experience for all. Clio hopes to see some of you there.